Zack Brady

Zack on phone

Born: June 9, 2000
Died: January 6, 2006

Get out your tissues. Poor little Zack was hit by a car on December 30, 2005 and pronounced dead on January 6, 2006. I've captured some of the tear jerking moments.

Zack in street

Bo, Hope, and ZackBo and Zack

Hope and ZackHope and Zack

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Hope finds Zack in the street. Mary shows up and Hope tells her to call 911.

Hope tells the cops she's taking Zack to the hospital because she won't let him die in the street.

Hope arrives at the hospital with Zack in her arms.

Shawn talks to Zack about being his brother.

Bo arrives at the hospital and learns what happened to Zack.

Lexie realizes there's nothing more they can do but still doesn't want to give up. The attending doctor tells her she's not God. Lexie cries in his arms. Lexie calls Abe and tells him she needs him.

Shawn has lost all faith in God. Hope tries to encourage him to still believe. Lexie walks into the waiting area and never gets the words out about Zack's death. Her tears say it all.
Hope lets out a loud scream and cries in Bo's arms.

Lexie tells Bo and Hope they lost Zack.

Lexie tells Bo and Hope they can go in to see Zack now.
Hope hears Zack breathing and thinks he's still alive.

Hope feels relieved that Zack is still alive but Lexie tries to explain
he's only breathing because of life support.

Shawn goes in to see Zack and be with his parents.
Bo tells them they need to pull the plug on Zack and let him go.

Bo and hope make the decision to pull the plug on Zack
and donate his organs. They say their tearful good bye's.

More tearful good bye's from Bo and Zack.
Hope doesn't want to say good bye.

Zack's Funeral

picture of Zack

Hope puts Zack's possessions in his coffin and combs his hair.

The funeral service. Grandpa Shawn tried to sing "Oh Danny Boy"
but breaks down so Doug has to finish.

Bo tells Hope that Zack would want them to love each other and forgive.
Chelsea walks in and Hope slaps her.

At the grave site. Everyone says they're good byes.

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