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Below you will find many old clips from Days of our Lives. Most, if not all of the videos are in zip form and Windows Media format.

You'll need an unzipping program to open them and Windows Media player to view them.
If you're running a Windows program, it usually comes with it's own unzipping program.
If you don't have an unzipping program, you can download a free version at winzip.
Just save these videos to your computer and then unzip them.

Lucas calls Sami a "lying, cheating, whore."
John tells him he can't talk to Sami that way.
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Lucas tells Sami she could have figured out a different way to save him from the beam.
He later apologizes but asks Sami if she has feelings for EJ. She does.
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Sami admits she forced herself on Austin
and since he forgave her, she can forgive EJ.
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EJ wants to know why Sami kissed him.
It's because she wanted to. They kiss again.
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EJ and Sami in bed.
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EJ and Sami in bed.
Lucas opens the bedroom door and finds them.
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Belle tells Philip she loves him
but he tells her to leave since she's married.
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Belle and Shawn get in bed
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Belle tells Shawn she loves him and wants to get off the island.
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Sami tells John she loves him and talks about how he was always there for her.
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Belle talks to her parents about how upset she is over all the lies
concerning Claire's biological father. She says she's "pissed"
and talks about how she tried not to hurt anyone.
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Mimi tries to convince Philip not to leave town
and says it's because she wants to be a better person.
She talks about the bad things she's done to everyone.
Philip's going to leave anyway because Belle doesn't want him any more.
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Shawn tells Philip and Belle that he's Claire's father.
Philip doesn't believe it and ends up taking Claire
and running out of the apartment.

Belle and Shawn say good bye to the love they once shared
while Mimi ease drops.

More of Belle and Shawn's good bye.
Belle gives Shawn back a ring he had once given her.

Belle is in the hospital because of pains in her stomach.
She tells Shawn they belong together and they end up kissing.

More talk between Belle and Shawn about how they belong together.
They kiss again and Mimi catches them.

Jack tells Jen he doesn't want to die.
Jack + Jen

This is rather long but it's Flashbacks of Bo and Hope that aired on the May 2, 2006 show.
Bo and Hope Flashbacks

This scene happened in December 2005 I believe
but for some reason, I never made it into a video.
Sami talks about wanting to win Austin back and thinks back to when Will was born.
She has a flasback to when Will is born.
Will is born Flashback

Mimi has it out with Belle and calls her on her looks of love for Shawn
after a reporter thinks Belle is Mrs. Shawn Brady.
Belle and Mimi

Flashbacks of Sami scheming to break up Carrie and Austin.
It ends with Carrie slapping Sami when she confronts her about Will not belonging to Austin.
I left some of Sami and Austin's conversation at the beginning of the clip.
Sami and Austin

Flashbacks of happy times with Sami and Austin.
Sami and Austin happy

Shawn and Belle
Belle tells Shawn she still loves him. Shawn says he still loves Belle
but they have no future together.
Belle asks Shawn to dance one last dance with her.
They do and Shawn says he loves her.

Sami and Carrie in the park
Sami watches Carrie in pain and thinks she should help her but doesn't. She starts to walk away but sneezes so Carrie realizes there's someone else in the park.

Sami and Marlena
Marlena is in a coma. Sami goes to see her and begs her mom to come back to them and remember her.
As soon as Sami leaves the room, Marlena is seen remembering Sami and John but still in a comatose state.

Belle tells Shawn she still loves him.

Belle continues to say she loves him and is very clear about it.

Belle and Shawn go up on the rooftop.

Belle, Shawn, and Zack
Zack appears in Claire's room and tells Belle and Shawn that Claire will be ok.
He also tells them that they're meant to be together and
Claire's daddy is the man Belle loves.

Belle, Shawn, and Zack cont.
Belle and Shawn wake up and talk about having the same dream.
Claire starts to cry. The nurse comes in and says it's probably because she's hungry
which is a good sign. Shawn says everything Zack said is coming true.
Well almost everything.

Chelsea and Billie
Chelsea is upset because Bo won't lie for her.
Billie starts to yell at her saying it's not her father's fault.
Chelsea realizes and is so sorry about what she did. Feels ashamed and
can't imagine what Zack is thinking of her.
Billie decides to tell the cops that she was the driver who hit Zack.

Marlena apologies for not being at the hospital with Belle.
Marlena may not have her memories of Belle but she knows she loves her.

Shawn gives Belle an angel necklace.

Shawn tells Belle it's not her fault Claire got sick.
Belle feels she's gotten closer to Shawn, ever since Claire got sick.

Shawn and Belle talk about Claire.
Shawn says they might still be together if Claire was his.

Claire's beeper is going off and Belle is really upset.
Shawn is there to comfort her as Kate looks on.

Jack tells Billie and Frankie what they need to do after he's dead.
Alone with Billie, he dies (so it seems) in her arms.

Jack talks to the bookman about is suicide book.

Belle imagines Shawn is by her bathtub.

Sami knows Lucas still loves her
and is not giving up on him.

Lucas tells Sami she should have believed in their love.

Austin wants Sami to say she'll never lie again
to the people she loves but she can't say it.

Shawn tells Mimi what kind of girl she is
and then kisses her.

Chloe and Brady sing at their wedding
Audio only of Chloe and Brady singing

Marlena tells John she remembers being in his arms

Craig sings at Chloe and Brady's wedding
Audio only of Craig singing

Belle and Shawn on the roof top
Shawn says he'll always love Belle

Lucas asks Sami to marry him
and she accepts

Lucas and Sami breaking the bed

I made 6 videos from the 8-5-05 show of Kate getting busted.
1 2 3 4 5 6

Belle admits she loves Shawn
and they end up kissing

Shawn will wait for Belle forever
because she is his life

Our friend "Trask the locksmith"
brings Bo a gift

Sami wants Lucas to give her another chance

Sami doesn't know why she always hurts the people she loves
She and Lucas end up kissing

Mickey and Maggie renew vows

Chloe sings The Rose
Chloe sings The Rose. No video

Brady tells Chloe to take off her bandages

Chloe & Brady in bed.

Brady tells Nicole to move out

Tek and Lexie from 6-23-05 show.

Bo and Hope laugh about making love
on a blanket in a public place.

I made Belle and Marlena's reunion into 3 videos.

Hope slaps Billie

Well finally! John and Marlena and Roman and Kate see each other.
John & Marlena reunion part 1
John & Marlena reunion part 2

Roman & Kate reunion

Happy days for Jack and Jen fans. They finally reunite on 4-27-05.
I made 3 video clips.
The first two are with Jack, Jen, and Abby and the last one has Jack Jr. in it.
You can click
here for the first one,
here for the second one and,
here for the last one.
They're all in zip form so you'll have to save them to your computer.

Video of Chloe singing
"I'll never hold you again."
Audio only
"I'll never hold you again"

Flashbacks of Bo, Hope, and The Fancy Face.

Rex singing "I got you babe."

Belle finds Shawn drinking
Shawn and Belle end up kissing.

Videos from the 2-11-05 show of Bo and Hope's Valentine's Day celebration.
Since these were lenghty, I made them into 4 zip files and cut out a little portion from one of the scenes.

Videos from the 1-28-05
Lucas gives Sami a negligee.
Lucas gives Sami pearls.
Shawn tells Belle about the pictures on his laptop.
Shawn shows Belle the pictures on his laptop.
Shawn and Belle say they love each other and end up kissing.

Shawn kissing Belle

Shawn takes Belle's hand and puts it to his heart,
They kiss before Philip shows up.

Videos from 1-14-05 show
of Shawn telling Belle he needs her to help him figure out what happened to him this past summer.
here to see the clip in smaller video format or here to see it in a larger video format.

Lucas proposes to Sami

Videos from 12-9-04 show.
Shelle part1
Shelle part2
Click here for the entire scene in zip form.

Older videos in zip form

This next video is from 2003
Belle and Shawn dance

More older videos

Bope love scene part1
Bope love scene part2
Bo remembers Hope running the kissing booth
Bo remembers telling Hope she can't marry Larry Welch and takes her away on his motorcycle

Abe's homecoming
Bo and Hope's homecoming

Broe dancing

Blue County
Bonnie's fantasy when Lone Star sang

Flashbacks of Doug and Julie with Doug singing Always

Jen proposes to Jack

Alice's birthday party
Alice's party guest dance to Always
Everyone continues to dance while Alice remembers times with Tom

Tom Horton reciting poetry

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