Snowflake Background

We will be making the snowflake background on this page.
This is my own work. Any similarities to other tutorials is coincidental.
I made this background using PSP x2 but you should be able to do it with earlier or later versions.
This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of psp and using pixels.
You'll need my snowflake in order to do it.


I put it on a blue background so you'd be able to see it.
Right click and save this to your computer. Zoom in 800% so you can see what you're doing.
Add a new layer and pixel the snowflake using white.
You can copy and paste this layer as a new image and save it as a psp file to use again or tube it.
Keep it open while we start on our background.

Open a new transparent image, 100x100.
Flood fill with blue or something dark so you're snowflake will show.
I used #718db2.
Add a new dissolve layer setting the opacity to 1%.
Flood fill with white.
Merge these two layers and apply a Gaussian blur, radius 1.
You can save this image as a jpg and use it as a background if you like. The center background on this page was made reversing the colors.
In any event, it might be a good time to save before we go on.

Add a new layer.
Click on your snowflake and copy and paste it as a new selection using coordinates, 25x25.
It should be in the upper left corner.

step 1 snowflake

Duplicate this layer and move the snowflake to coordinates, 75x75.
Merge visible and save as a jpg.
That's it.