Wooden barrel/Apple

barrel apple barrel with apples

Title: Wooden barrel/Apple
Software: Corel PSP x6
Author: Sheryl
Home: SherylsPage
Tutorial Home: PSP
Skill Level: Intermediate and previous experience doing pixel art.
Be sure to check out my tutorial for setting up psp for Pixel Art if you're not experienced.
Supplies: My color swatch.


Description:You will learn how to draw a barrel and an apple.

Terms of use: You are welcome to use your finished product how ever you like but please don't copy anything from this site and call it your own.

Step 1.
Open a new image 100x100 with a white background.
Turn on the grid and zoom in 800%.
Using color 1, pixel the outline and lines going from top to bottom.
Use my color scale for the outline.
barrel outline

Step 2
Fill in the barrel using colors 2-5.
See my example.
barrel fill
Select all, float and apply noise with these settings.
6% uniform
Monochrome checked.
Select none

Step 3
Add a new layer using color 6, and pixel the top, a 4 pixel wide band around the middle, and a 2 pixel wide band at the bottom of the barrel.
See my example.
barrel top, middle, and bottom
I used colors 7-9 to fill in the top and middle band and black to make some handles.
See example.
barrel with handles

Step 4
Turn off your background layer and merge visible.
You can save just the barrel as a gif or tube it and leave it empty or continue along and put some apples in it.

Step 5
If you're making apples, open a new transparent image 100x100 with a white background so you can see what you're doing.
Zoom in 800%. Your grid should still be turned on.
Add a new layer. Call it apple.

Following my outline, draw the outline for the apple using 10.
apple outline

Step 6
I used colors 11 and 12 to fill the apple and 13 and 14 to add some highlights.
See example.
apple fill

Step 7
Add a new layer and call it stem.
Use color 15 to pixel a stem.

Step 8
Turn off your background layer again and merge visible.
Now you have an apple.
Save this and export it as a tube.

Step 9
Open your barrel image, if it's not already and add a new layer under the barrel for an apple.
Add as many apples as you like, all on new layers and place some apples in the barrel.
You may want to flip some of the horizontally.
I put 6 apples in my barrel.

Step 10
When your done, delete your background layer and merge visible.
Your apple barrel is done.
You can save it as a psp image, export it as a gif, or tube it so you can use it with other projects.