Drawing hair

Just Gaussian blur dodge to lighten dodge and gaussian blur
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Title: Drawing Hair
Software: Corel PSP x2
Author: Sheryl
Home: SherylsPage
Tutorial Home: PSP
Skill Level: Intermediate and previous experience in working with pixels is required.
Supplies: Hair Outline, color palette blonde colors
Description:You will learn two ways to draw hair on your doll.
This is a continuation of my first hair tutorial and uses the hair outline supplied.
If you haven't done it, please click here and at least read through the beginning of it.
The hair outline is a zip file so you'll need to copy it to your computer and then extract it.
It's in gif format. If you have the Animation Shop, you can open it in that program and then export it to psp.
If you're using x2 or an earlier version and don't have the Animation Shop, you can open it in PSPx2, promote the background, then select all the black area and hit your delete key. This will put it on a transparent background.
If you have PSPx6, you can just open it in that program and it will have a transparent background.
Save the color palette to your computer if you want your hair to be blonde.

Terms of use: You are welcome to use your finished product how ever you like but please don't copy anything from this site and call it your own.

This tutorial was done using Corel PSP X2 but it should work with earlier or later versions.

Let's get started.

Step 1
Open a new image, 200x200 with a white background or open the base you've been working on. Zoom in 800% and turn on your grid set at 1x1 pixel.
If you're adding to your base and using my hair outline, add a new layer and copy and paste the outline to this layer.

Step 2
Add another and call it hair outline.
Pick a color you want for the outline.
I used the fourth darkest color on my color pallet, #e1b14d.
Pixel the outline of your hair.

hair outline

I altered my outline a little and put a part in.

Step 3
Select inside the hair and flood fill with a lighter shade.
I used #e7c466.

hair outline filled

It looks kind of blah, doesn't it?

Step 4
You need to duplicate each layer as you shade to add more shading to it.

Duplicate the original filled in layer and turn it off for the time being.
We're going to start by making some of the areas darker.
To do this, you need your burn brush.

There's a lot of trial an error in this part so I can't exactly tell you everything I did, but I start off with these settings.
Brush size 1
Hardness 4
Step 50
Density 100
Thickness 100
Opacity 60

burn step1

Duplicate your hair filled layer and using the burn brush at size 1, paint some dark areas around the crown of the head.

burn step1

Step 5
Duplicate this layer and using the same burn settings, paint over parts of the crown and add some more darkness to this area.

burn step 2

Step 6
Duplicate this layer and add some dark wave lines using same burn settings except increase the opacity to 100%.

burn step3

Step 7
Duplicate this layer and change the opacity on the burn brush to 30.
Add some lighter shades around the hair.

burn step4

Step 8
Duplicate this layer and change the opacity on the burn brush to 45.
Add some more shading through out the hair.
Don't forget to add some shading along the outline to help blend in the outline.

burn step 5

Step 9
Now to lighten things up a bit.
There's three ways you can do this.
First, you can add some very light patches to the hair like we did in the previous hair tutorial and then add a Gaussian blur
or you can use your Dodge brush and brush over the areas you want light.
And the third way would be to use both the dodge brush and Gaussian blur method together.

If you're going to use the first method, add a new layer and call it light highlights.
Using the lightest shade in my color pallet, draw some lines around the top of the hair and where the hair waves with your paint brush set to 2 - 3 pixels.

light highlights

Step 10
Apply a Gaussian blur with radius 3.

Step 11
Sit on your hair outline layer, select all, float, invert.
Sit on the highlighted layer and hit your delete key.
Select none.
If you like how this looks, proceed to step 12 otherwise continue on to step 13 to use the dodge brush or 15 to apply a Gaussian blur.

Step 12
Turn off all layers except the hair layers and merge visible.
This method for the highlights is done.

Step 13
If you want to use your dodge brush, duplicate the last hair layer and set your dodge brush to these settings.
Brush size 1 -3
Hardness 4
Step 50
Density 100
Thickness 100
Opacity 100

dodge settings

I started off using a brush size of 2 or 3 and drew lines over the areas I wanted lighter.
I then changed the brush size to 1 and lighten some areas a little more.
There's a lot of trial and error going on here but this is what my hair looks like.

hair lightened

Step 14
If you like how your hair looks, turn off all layers except your hair layers and merge visible.

Step 15
If you didn't do steps 12 - 14, click on your last burn layer and add a new layer.
Call it highlights.
Use your lightest color, in my case it would be #ffffd9.
Set your paintbrush between 2-3 pixels and put some highlights on the top of the hair and around the bottom.
Be sure this layer is on top.

Step 16
Apply a Gaussian blur.
Adjust > Blur > Gaussian blur
Set the radius to 3
You can adjust this to give it more or less of a blur.

Step 17
Sit on your outline layer and select all.
Go to Selections > Float
Selections > invert.
Sit on your highlight layer and hit the delete key on your keyboard.
Select none.

Step 18
Turn off all layers except for the hair layers and merge visible.
That's it but there's one final step, you can do no matter which method you used to add the lights to your hair.

Step 19
Add a new layer and pixel some short ends around the hair.
It gives it kind of a fly away look.

hair with short ends

Step 20
Turn off all layers except the hair layers and merge visible.

Step 21
Save this as a pspimage or copy and paste the hair as a new image and export it to Picture Tube.
This way you can add it to other doll bases.

I hope you've been able to follow my hair tutorials.
If you have any questions, be sure to stop by my PSP Addict message board and ask for some help or stop by and show us your work.

If you've saved your work, you can click here to do my dress tutorial.