Simple Eyes

doll with enm

Title: Simple eyes
Software: Corel PSP x2
Author: Sheryl
Home: SherylsPage
Tutorial Home: PSP
Skill Level: Intermediate and previous experience in working with pixels is required.
Supplies: None
Description: Making some very simple eyes for a doll.
Terms of use: You are welcome to use your finished product how ever you like but please don't copy anything from this site and call it your own.

This tutorial was written by me using psp x2 but you should be able to do it with earlier or later version.

It's very easy and really doesn't need much of an explanation.
If you'd like to do another tutorial that explains how to make bigger eyes, click here.

Step 1
Open the base you'll be using.
Open a new image, 200x200 with a white background.
Zoom in 800%.
Turn on your grid.
Copy and paste your base as a new layer and call it base.

Step 2
Add a new layer for the eyes.
Call it eyes.
I like to place the eyes around the center of the doll's head.
Using your paint brush set to one and using black, pixel a cross, 4 pixel long and 3 pixels wide but leave the center empty.
See image below.
Fill the empty pixels with #284072 or what ever color you want the eye to be.
I used a deep blue.

Step 3
Leave a row of pixels above the eye and draw in the eyebrow.
I just added 3 pixels across and one down on the outside ends.
You can duplicate and mirror this layer for the other eye, or just draw them in.

Step 4
Add a new layer for the nose.
I used #c59798
Draw 3 pixels in the center of the head, two rows down from the bottom of the eyes.

Step 5
Add a new layer for the mouth.
I used #b07070 for the outside of the mouth and #d3b1b2 for the inside.
I usually have the bottom of my mouth a couple pixels up from the bottom of the head.
You can place the eyes nose and mouth where you like.
This is how mine looks.

eyes nose mouth

Step 6
Turn off your bottom layer and merge visible.
Save as a pspimage and export it as a picture tube so you can use it on other dolls.

If you have any questions, be sure to stop by my PSP Addict message board and ask for some help or stop by and show us your work.