We will be making the dress for our doll.
I made the dress outline using vectors but for this tutorial, I'm giving you my outline so save this to your computer.
dress outline
This tutorial assumes you've done my base and hair tutorial and assumes you have a good working knowledge of psp and pixels.
This tutorial was written by me. Please don't take anything from this site and call it your own.

Let's get started.
Open a new transparent image, 200 x 200 and flood fill the bottom layer with white.
Zoom in 800% so you can see what you're doing and turn on your grid.
Copy and paste your doll base to a new layer.

Open my dress outline in the Animation Shop, if you have that program and export it to psp.
If you don't have the program, open in psp, promote background layer to make it a raster layer.
Select all the black areas and hit your delete key. This will put the outline on a transparent background.
Copy and paste the outline as a new layer over your doll.

dress outline on doll

If you want to use the colors I used for the dress, select inside the dress and flood fill it with my fill color, #c56068.
If you want your dress a different color, add a new layer and pixel the dress outline with a dark shade then flood fill with a lighter shade.
Select none

Select inside the collar and the sleeve trim and flood fill with #ededed.
Select none

Now for the dress shading.
I admit I'm not really that good at shading but I'll explain the approach I used.
First, add a new layer and call it dark shading.
Using the dress outline color, in my case it would be #81020b, pixel some dark lines around the sides and top edges of the dress.
Pixel some lines going up the dress where folds would lie.
Pixel a dark line across the chest under where the bust line would be.

dark shading

Add a new layer and call it light shading.
Add some white lines across the chest, around the waist line, and in between your dark fold lines.

light shading

Now we're going to give the shading layers a Gaussian blur.
Be sure you've saved your work before we go on.
Sit on your dark shaded layer and go to
Gaussian blur
And a setting between 1-3. I'm using 3.
Do the same thing with your light shaded layer.
Again, I used 3.

Sit on your dress layer.
Select all
Selections Float
Selections Invert
Then sit on each of your shaded layers and hit the delete key.
This will get rid of all the blur outside the dress.
Select none.

The dress is done.
Turn off all layers except for your dress layer and merge visible.
If you want to use the dress on another doll, copy and paste this merged layer as a new image and save as a psp file.
You can also export it to picture tube.

Next we'll be making the shoes.
You can merge everything you have so far and copy it to a new image or save what you have and continue to my shoes tutorial.

If you have any questions, be sure to stop by my PSP Addict message board and ask for some help or stop by and show us your work.