Plaid Tile

We will be making the outside tile on this page.

I made this tile using PSP X2 but you should be able to do it with earlier or later versions.

You need to have a good working knowledge of psp and know how to pixel.

Let's get started.

Open a new transparent image, 18 x 18.
Zoom in 800% so you can see what you're doing and turn on your grid.
Be sure your grid is set to 1 pixel.

You need to have 5 colors.
If you want to use my colors, download my color swatch.
I will be referring to these colors as color 1 - 5, starting from the left with the darkest color.

color swatch

Count over 5 pixels and draw a straight line from the top of the image to the bottom using the first color, which is your darkest color.

Counter over 6 pixels and draw another line from top to bottom with this same color.

Skip one pixel and draw another line from top to bottom with the second color.

Using your magic wand, select inside your two dark lines and flood fill it with the 3rd color.

Select inside all the empty areas and flood fill with the fourth color.
This is what you should have so far.

tile filled

Add a new layer, blend mode dissolve. Opacity 2 and flood fill with your last color.
This just adds a few light pixels to the tile.
Merge visible.

We need to duplicate this image so go to Windows, duplicate.

Roate this image 90 Degrees, either right or left.

This is what you will have.

two tiles

Now we'll be performing a little magic with these tiles to turn then into your finished plaid tile.

Go to Image, Arithmetic and select your two images from the drop down list.
Use these settings,
Function :add
Channels :all channels checked.
Divisor: 2
Bias: 2
Check mark in: Clip color values.
Click ok and there's your tile.
Save it as a jpg.