Shading the Doll

doll cutout

Title: Shading Doll Base
Software: Corel PSP x2
Author: Sheryl
Home: SherylsPage
Tutorial Home: PSP
Skill Level: Intermediate and previous experience in working with pixels is required.
Description: Shading a doll base. This is a continuation of my Shading a Doll Base tutorial.
I will be explaining one more way to shade your doll base. It will be explained using the base under supplies.
Please read Shading the Base 1 to find out how to save and use this base.
The technique for shading is really easy and if you put it side by side with the previous tutorial, you probably won't see much of a difference.
I'm just giving you 3 options for shading the base.

Terms of use: You are welcome to use your finished product how ever you like but please don't copy anything from this site and call it your own.

This tutorial was done using PSP x2 but you should be able to do it with older or newer versions.

Let's get started

Step 1

Open my base as described in Shading the Base 1.
The base is the same base as the previous tutorial.
Open a new image, 200x200 with a white background.
Zoom in 800%.
You don't really need your grid for this .
Copy and paste my base as a new layer.

Step 2

Select inside the head and flood fill with #f8ece4.
Keep it selected and apply a cutout,
Effect > 3D effect > Cutout
with these settings.
Vertical and horizontal 0.
Opacity 100%
Blur 10
Shadow color is the same color as the outline, #e5bba1.
Fill interior with color checked.

cutout setting

Select none.

Step 3

Select the upper portion of the doll's body.
This will include the arms and chest area.
Flood fill with #f8ece4 and apply the same cutout as you did for the head.
See step 2.
Select none


Select the bottom portion of the doll. This should be the remaining unfilled area and flood fill with the same fill color.
Apply the same cut out.
See step 2.
Select none
That's it.

Step 5

Delete your background layer.
Export it to Picture tube or save it as a pspimage and continue working on it.


If you have any questions, be sure to stop by my PSP Addict message board and ask for some help or stop by and show us your work.