Apple Square tile

We will be making the apple tile on this page.
I made this tile using psp X2 but you should be able to do it with earlier or later versions.
You will need to have a good working knowledge of psp and pixels in order to do this and my apple.

pixel apple

Save the apple to your computer and open it in Animation Shop.
Export it to psp.
If you don't have Animation Shop you can open this in psp but you'll have to make it transparent.
To do that, right click the background layer and select "promote background layer."
Now select all the white areas and hit your delete key. Now your apple has a transparent background.
Make sure you selected the tiny area at the bottom center of the apple.

So now that your apple is ready, lets get started.

Open up a new transparent image 54 x 54.

Pick two colors for your background. One dark and one light.
I used #6b2523 for my dark red color, and #d7c8b3 for the light tan color.

Zoom in 800% so you can see what you're doing and turn on your grid with the pixels set to 1.
Use your selection tool set to custom with these settings:
Top 0
Left 0
Right 27
Bottom 27

selection tool

Flood fill the selection using your light color.

Keep the selection floating and set your airbrush to these settings.


Spray paint in the center of your square, using the darker color, about 6 times.

Set your paintbrush to these settings which are settings I use when I pixel.


Using your darker color and starting at coordinate 1x1 which should be the second square in from the left
and second square down, start pixeling around the outside of your square painting two pixels at a time
and leaving one pixel in between each set of two.
You should also have one row of your lighter color around the edges.

Add a new layer.
Copy and paste your apple as a new selection into the center of the square you've been working on.
Select none.
Merge visible.
This is what you should have so far.

apple square

Duplicate this layer and move the duplicate square to the bottom right corner.
Merge visible.
This is what you will have.

2 squares

With your magic wand, select the top right empty square, add a new layer, and flood fill with your dark color.
Keep it selected and using the same airbrush settings as before, spray in the center of this square about 6 times using your light color.

Set your paintbrush to the same pixel settings as above and pixel around the square with your light color using the same method as before.
Be sure you've left a border around the outside of these pixels with the dark background color.

3 squares

Duplicate this layer.
Image mirror.
Image Flip.
Merge visible.


That's it.
Just save as a jpg.