Apple Tree

apple tree

This tutorial was written using psp x2 but you should be able to do it with older or newer versions.
It assumes you have a good working knowledge of psp and working with pixels.
This is all my work. Any similarites to other tutorials is strickly coincedental.
You can use your finish work any way you like but please don't copy and paste anything and call it your own.
There's not much to this tutorial because I'm going to give you the trees base.
I drew it free hand so it's a little hard to explain everything but I'll explain how I added the apples and some greenery.

Right click and save this image to your hard drive.
tree base
This image was saved as a gif so if you have The Animation Shop, open it there and export to psp.
If you don't have The Animation Shop, you can open it in psp, promote background layer, then select all the black area.
Hit your delete key and select none. This will put it on a transparent layer.

Open a new transparent image, 200x200 and flood fill the background with white.
Copy and paste the tree base to a new layer.
Add a new layer called greenery.
You might want to zoom in a little so you can see what you're doing.
Using #878d21 or a shade of green, airbrush around the top of the tree using these settings and
being sure to cover each branch.
Shape round
Size 27
Hardness 12
Step 14
Density 11
Thickness 100
Opacity 36
Once you get a basic shape, you can always duplicate the layer to make it darker or continue air brushing it.
Save your work.

Add a new layer and call it apple.
We're not going to make our apple on top of the tree so just put this aside for now.

There's two ways to do the apple.
The simplest way is to shade it with cut outs and that's the way I'll explain, however my apple was done by using all the shades of red in my color chart.
If you decide to shade it this way, right click and save my color chart to your computer.
Then use the darkest red for your outline and fill the rest of the apple with all the colors in my color chart.
apple colors

Let's get started with the cutout method.
Open a new image 200x200 and flood fill the background with white.
I like to work on a big canvass.
Add a new layer and call it apple.
Zoom in 800% and turn on your grid.
Using my apple as a guide, draw the outline of the apple with the darkest red, #c1353a.

apple outline

Select inside the apple and flood fill with a lighter red. I used #ef8b7d.
Float and apply a cut out with these settings.
Vertical and Horizontal -1
Opacity 60
Blur 3
Fill color the same as the outline of your apple.
Keep it selected and add another cut out
only this time change the Vertical to 0 and Horizontal to 1
Everything else the same.
Add a new layer and draw a small square in the upper left hand corner using white.


Apply a Gaussian blur using these settings.
Radius 1
Sit on the apple layer and select all, select float, selection invert.
Sit on the blur layer and hit the delete key.
Select none.
For the stem, I used two shades of light green. #96b08a and #a0ca8b
Draw the stem using my outline as a guide line.
If you're satisfied with your apple, turn off the bottom layer and merge visible.
Copy and paste as a new image and call it apple.
You may want to tube or just copy and paste it on our tree.

Open your tree image if it's not already and place several apples on your tree.
Use separate layers for each apple in case you want to move them around.
When you are satisfied with how your tree looks, turn off the bottom layer and merge visible.
Save this as a gif or tube it.