Striped Background

We will be making the striped background on this page.

You will need to have psp and a good working knowledge
of the program in order to do this tutorial.
I used PSP X2 but you should be able to do it with earlier or later versions.
You can get a free trial version by clicking here.
This is very easy.
Pick two colors that you'd like to use for your background stripes.
I'm using #9b8961 and #ad9c71.
Open a new transparent canvass, 100 x 100.
Zoom in 800% so you can see what you're doing.
Set your grid guide to 1 pixel.
Set your paint brush to these settings:
Square size 5
Hardness 100
Step 1
Denisty 100
Thickness 100
Opacity 100
Starting at the top left of the canvass, click on your canvass using the lighter color.
Hold your shift key and click the bottom left of the canvass.

first stripe

This will create a straight 5 pixel wide line along the left side of the canvass.
Now using your darker color, click in the next open area on the left side.
Hold your shift key and click the bottom of your canvass,
directly under your top square forming another straight line.
Continue to do this alternating the colors from light to dark
until you've filled the entire canvass.

3 stripes

Save as a jpg and that's it.
See, wasn't that easy?

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