PSP For Addicts

Davie bear
Dressing a bear
Making a dress
Making a doll base
Drawing eyes
Drawing hair

Striped Background tile
Pumpkin Background tile

More links coming

Welcome to my PSP Page

I'm addicted to PSP. There, I said it and that feels good, he, he, he.
I've learned so much from many helpful people and tutorial writers. One in particular is Sauce from
the old msn groups.
She now has a group on Aimoo but hasn't added any tutorials.
You can check it out by clicking here.
I learned how to make the outside border for this page at her
old MSN site.

I decided to set up this page because I'd like to try and give back some of what I've learned to other PSP users.

Besides being addicted to PSP,
I'm addicted to my favorite Soap Opera,
Days Of Our Lives.
I run a message board group for fans of Days and post daily screen caps from the show.
I will sometimes make short videos of certain scenes I really enjoy and upload them on my Days Video page.
If you're a fan of Days Of Our Lives, be sure to check out my
Videos page.
I haven't added anything in a long time so you'll just find some oldies but goodies.

This page is still in the makings.
I've been trying to learn how to create web pages along with creating graphics so I still have lots to do.
Check back soon as I hope to be adding more tutorials or showing you some of my PSP creations.

Please don't steal anything from this site and claim it as your own.
I've been working real hard to learn how to make my own graphics and I don't mind sharing,
I hope if you want to use something, you'll say where you got it from or where you learned it.

All graphics were made by me.