Welcome to my PSP page

This page and all tutorials is best viewed on a desktop computer.

I love using PSP to draw graphics from scratch.

Most of my tutorials were done with pixels.
Some started out as vectors but I usually fine tuned them doing Pixel Art.
When I first started doing Pixel Art, I shaded most of my graphics using cut outs or a drop shadow.
I have since learned that true Pixel Art should be just pixels so I'm in the process of redoing many of my tutorials and only using pixels.
I have labeled my tutorials with a "P" for pixels, "C" for cut outs, "V" for vectors, and "S" for selections.
If you've never worked with pixels, there's a tutorial that explains how to set up psp for Pixel Art.

I recently bought PSPx6 and found out there's a lot of features
I don't know how to use so I joined a PSP workshop group named
Beginner's Workshop
You can find a link to their site below. They offer free courses on using PSP.

I hope you'll try some of my tutorials and be sure to check out the Beginner's Workshop.

Come share what you've made with me at my PSP Addicts site.
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