Making grass


There's many different ways to make grass. I'm going to show you the way I did it using dissolve layers.

I did this using Corel PSP x2 but you should be able to do it using earlier or later versions.
You can get a trial version of PSP by clicking here.

You need to have a good working knowledge of psp and pixels and my zip file with the grass canvass and colors I used.

Save the zip file to your computer and open it with a zip program.

Open my canvass in psp.
You'll notice there's a blank background layer, then a color layer, then the outline layer.
Flood fill the background layer with white so you can see what you're doing and zoom in 800%.
Sit on the outline layer and use your magic wand to select the inside of the outline.
Flood fill with color #2.
Keep this layer selected and add a new Dissolve layer set at 50%.
Flood fill with color #3.
Keep the layer selected and add another new Dissolve layer.
This time set it to 25% and Flood fill it with color #4.
With the layer still selected, add one more Dissolve layer.
This time set it to 10% and flood fill with color #5.
Now you can deselect.
You should have something that looks like this.


Now would be a good time to save.
We're going to add some shading to this.
Be sure you're zoomed in so you can see what you're doing.
Add a new layer and call it dark shading.
Use color # 1 and add some patches of dark green along the bottom, in the center, and around the top.
Add another layer, call it light shading and add some very light shading under the dark using color #6.
This is what I have.


Click on your outline layer, and select the inside of the outline.
Keep selected and click on your dark shading layer.
Add a Gaussian blur,
Adjust - Blur, Gaussian blur, radius 3. Click ok.
Keep the outline layer selected and sit on your light shading layer.
Apply the same Gaussian blur.
Click on the dissolve layer at 10% opacity and add a new layer. Call it spikes.
Add some pixels along the top of the grass layer to make it look as if the grass is growing.
I drew some pixels into the grass itself and used color #1 and color #6.
This is what my grass looks like.


Click on the top layer and add a new layer.
Using color #1, draw some pixel patches along the top of your grass, over top of any pixels you just added on your spike layer.
Sit on the outline layer and select the inside.
I hope you've been saving.
Go back to the top layer and apply the same Gaussian blur you used before and deselect.
We're almost done.
Turn off the bottom background layer and the color layer and merge visible.
We're going to give this a little noise so click on Adjust add/remove noise add noise with these settings:
Uniform checked Noise 6% A check in Monochrome click ok.
Copy and paste this merged layer as a new image.
If you want to use this as a tube, go to File Export Picture Tube and save it.
If you want to use it as a gif, save the image as a psp image and open it in The animation shop.
Optimize it and save it as a gif.
You're done.

I hope you were able to follow this.
If you have any problems, come join my PSP Addicts message board and ask for help.