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Welcome to Sheryl's Page

I created this site so I could share my hobbies.
I use to love to draw pictures using PSP and have many tutorials explaining how I did some of my drawings.
There's a link in the menu bar to my PSP site where you'll find various tutorials I've written.

The graphics on this page were all hand drawn by me using PSP.
I also designed the layout using Dreamweaver.
Designing websites is another one of my hobbies.

Another enjoyment of mine is talking about a soap opera, namely Days of our Lives.
There's a link to my Days of our Lives message board and a link to some old videos from the show in the menu bar.

My newest hobby is sewing. After the birth of my first grandchild in 2016, I decided to start sewing again and made her a quilt.
I'm now into making rag dolls and various items for the different seasons.
I've created a page where I'll be sharing some of my creations. You can check it out by clicking the link in the menu bar for Creations by SherylAnn.
I will eventually be selling some of my creations at my Etsy shop, Creations by SherylAnn

Thanks for stopping by.