large pumpkin small pumpkin

Title: Pumpkins
Software: Corel PSP x6
Author: Sheryl
Home: SherylsPage
Tutorial Home: PSP
Skill Level: Intermediate and previous experience doing pixel art.
Be sure to check out my tutorial for setting up psp for Pixel Art if you're not experienced.
Supplies: My color swatch.

pumpkin colors

Description:You will learn how to draw two different size pumpkins.
There's more in-depth instructions for shading the first pumpkin.
Use what you learned to shade the smaller pumpkin.
Terms of use: You are welcome to use your finished product how ever you like but please don't copy anything from this site and call it your own.

Step 1
Open a new image 200x200 with a white background.
Zoom in 800% and turn on your grid.
Use color #1 to draw the outline for the big pumpkin's left side.
Both sides will be the same so we're going to be mainly working on one side.
outline left side

Step 2
Use colors 2-5 to shade the left side of the pumpkin.
I put each color on a new layer and will include each layer in this tutorial, however,
you'll have to count the pixels to determine where to place each color.
You can do all your shading on the same layer as the outline.
I used separate layers so I could show you each color.
shade 1 shade 2 shade 3shade 4

Step 3
Duplicate this layer and flip horizontal.
Turn off your bottom layer and merge visible.

Step 4
Use colors 2-5 to shade the center starting with the dark colors along the outline.
and finishing with the lightest color in the center.
Once again I've added images of each of my shaded layers to help you.
center of pumpkin center of pumpkin center of pumpkin center of pumpkin

Step 5
Use colors 2,3, and 5 to shade the top circle.
Most of this will be covered by the stem and leaves.
center top

Step 6
Add a new layer.
Use color 9 to draw the outline of the stem.
I've included examples of where the stem should be placed and an example showing how many pixels to use for both the stem and leaves.
stem leaves
stem leaves
Fill the inside of the stem using colors 10-12.

Step 7
Add a new layer for the leaves.
Using the same examples as in step 6, draw the outline for the leaves using color 6
then fill it in using colors 7 and 8.

Step 8
Use color 6 to draw some squiggly lines coming from the stem and leaves.

Step 9
Turn off your background layer and merge visible.

The first pumpkin is done.
Export it to Picture tube and export to gif optimizer.

Step 10 smaller pumpkin
Turn your background layer on and add a new layer.
Using my guide, pixel the left side of the pumpkin like you did in step 1.
left side small pumpkin

Step 11
Shade the inside the same way you shaded the large pumpkin in step 2 but also include the top circle.
See my finished shaded half.
left side shaded

Step 12
Turn off all layers except for left side.
Duplicate and flip horizontal.
Line it up next to the left side to form the pumpkin.
Merge visible.

Step 13
Shade the center the same way you shaded the center for the large pumpkin in step 4.
See my example.
center shaded

Step 14 Drawing the stem, leaves, and squiggly lines.
Each can be done on a separate layer.
Use the same colors as you used for the large pumpkin to draw the outlines and shade them.
I've included an example showing the outline for all three.
small pumpkin stem and leaves

Step 15
Turn off all layers except for the small pumpkin layers and merge visible.
Export this to picture tube and gif optimizer.
Now you have two different size pumpkins.

I hope you were able to follow my instructions and enjoyed drawing these pumpkins.