Drawing the eyes.

You will need

Corel Paint Shop Pro. You can get a trial version HERE

This tutorial was done using Corel PSP X2 but it should work with earlier versions.
You need to have a good working knowledge of psp and working with pixels.
Donít forget to save often. I probably wonít keep reminding you so donít forget.

This tutorial was written completely by me but a lot of what I'm saying was learned from doing tutorials at various sites.
Unfortunately most of those sites are no longer working so I can't link to them for you.

To get the shape of my eye, I used a close up picture of someone with pretty blue eyes.
The eyes were too big for my doll so I resized them by 45%

If you want to follow along with me and make the same eyes I'm making, save my eye example to your computer and save my color swatch.

Let's get started.
I'm going to be working on my eye example but you can open your base and draw the eye as a new layer.
If you're going to use my eye example, save it to your computer and open it in Corel psp.
Duplicate the background and delete the original layer.
Resize the duplicate layer by 45%.
Be sure you've turned on your grid and have zoomed in 800%.
Add a new layer and call it right eye1.
We are going to have to make both a right and left eye because duplicating and mirroring the eye will make it look cross eyed.
At least this is what a tutorial writer once wrote.
I can't say I can really see that but since I'm sure this person knows more then I do, I'm taking her word for it.

We will be able to duplicate parts of the right eye but not in its entirety.
Using black, draw the outline of the eye including the eyelashes. I like using black for this but you can pick a different color.
This we can duplicate and mirror so duplicate and mirror. Rename this layer left eye1.

Stand on your right eye layer and add a new layer.
You can call it right pupil.
Using black add a couple dots for the pupil.
Duplicate this layer and place it in the exact same position on your left eye.

Add a new layer and call it right eye white.
Add the outside whites of the eye.
Duplicate this layer and mirror it. Call it left eye whites.
As you can see, I blocked out the original eye so you'll be able to see what I'm doing.
The eye example is just to get an idea of the shape of the eye. Then it's just a matter of trial and error to see what colors look good and where they should be put.
At least for me it's trial and error.
We still need one more white dot by the pupil.
Stand on your right eye white and place a white dot by the pupil.
Stand on your left eye white and add the same white dot.

Now might be a good time to save.
Add a new layer and call it right eye blues.
No one's eye is one solid color so you want to add a few shades of the color you pick for your eye.
In my case it was shades of blue.

Add a new layer and call it left eye blues.
Add shades of blue to the left eye, similar to what you did with the right eye.

You might want to save again.
Close off all layers except for the layers on the right side and merge visible.
Call this right eye.
Close off all layers except for the layers on the left side and merge visible.
Call this left eye.
If you were making your eyes on my eye example, open your doll base and copy and paste both the right and left eye in place on the base.
Add a new layer and draw some eyebrows, a nose, and mouth.
I used black for the eyebrows, #c99b7a for the nose, #a52f2f for the mouth outline, and #dd8585 for the mouth fill.

Turn off all layers except for the eye layer and the nose, mouth, and eyebrow layer and merge visible.
Call this eyes nose mouth.
You may want to tube this so you can use it on any doll base.
To do this, copy the layer and paste as a new image.
Go to File>>Export>>Picture tube and give it a name.
Make sure you save your work.
Turn your base layer back on and either save as separate layers or merge visible and save.
You may want to tube this too.

Now let's learn how to make the hair. Next