Making a doll.

You will need

Corel Paint Shop Pro. You can get a trial version HERE

This tutorial was done using Corel PSP X2 but it should work with earlier versions.
You need to have a good working knowledge of psp and working with pixels.
Donít forget to save often. I probably wonít keep reminding you so donít forget.

This tutorial was written completely by me but a lot of what I'm saying was learned from doing tutorials at various sites.
Unfortunately most of those sites are no longer working so I can't link to them for you.

Before we get started, I want to explain how I get the outline for my bases.
I am not an artist and can't just draw something from my head so I use models to help me.
For this paticular base I used my niece's young body and an old picture of my sister.
My sister's legs looked more like little girl legs but I needed the arms stretched so I used a combination.

If you don't have anyone you can use as a model, you can always look on line for something to use. A person modeling bathing suits is a good way to go since you see more of their actual body.
I get ideas for clothes by looking through clothes magazines or sale flyers in my local newspaper.
A lot of my hair styles come from looking through hairstyle magazines. That and using an old photo of myself with pig tails.
You can get ideas from many different sources.
Now that you know where to get ideas and how my bases originate, let's get started.

If you want to use my base, save this outline to your computer and open it in The Animation Shop.
Export it to psp.
If you want to make your base from scratch, find a body you can use as a model and first resize it to the size you'd like your finished doll to be.
Next draw an outline around the body. If one side of the body isn't exactly like the other side, you may want to just work on the side you like, duplicate it, then mirror it so both sides will be the same.
It's much easier that way.
I make the head with vectors, using the elipse shape to get the shape I'm looking for.
Vectors is a whole different tutorial so I won't get into it now but if you do my bear tutorial it might help.

If you're going to use my base, open up a transparent canvass, 300x300. I like a big canvass although our doll will not be nearly this big and copy and paste the exported gif on a new layer.
Turn on your ruler and grid and zoom in to 800%.
Stand on the background layer and flood fill it with white since it makes it easier to see what you're doing.

We're going to make our outline and base using shades of gray and then colorize everything to get a nice skin tone so set your Foreground to #848284 and your background or fill color to #c6c3c6.
You can use my outline or pixel over it using #848284.
Select the inside and flood fill with #c6c3c6. Deselect and save.

Now for some shading.
Add a new layer and call it dark shading.
Using your outline color, pixel around the outside edges of the doll.
Add another layer and call it light shading.
Using white, draw some lines down the arms and legs and some lines across the chest.
Add some pixels to the head like I've done.

Stand on your dark shading layer and go to Adjust>>Blur>>Gaussian blur set at 1.5.
Stand on your light shading layer and go to Adjust>>Blur>>Gaussian blur set at 2.
Now we need to get rid of the transparent pixels on the outside of the base.
Stand on your base layer and select the inside.
Invert the selection then go to your dark shading layer and hit delete.
Keep it inverted and do the same delete on your light shading layer.
Merge visible
Now to give it that nice skin tone color.
If you haven't saved in awhile, you might want to do that now.
To get a nice skin color, we're going to colorize.
In Corel psp X2 you go to Adjust>>Hue and Saturation>Colorize
How you colorize is a matter of taste but I like using 23 for the Hue and 128 for the Saturation.

And there you have it.
Be sure to save your base so we can give it some eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and clothes.
You may also want to tube it.
Since our doll is on a large canvass, I like to copy and paste the doll layer as a new image. Then go to File>>Export>>Picture tube and give it a name.

Now let's learn how to make the eyes. Next